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Accept Gems!

Build community one gem at a time.


How do I grow my business with Yuser?

We asked ourselves: instead of spending money on digital ads why not transfer this value directly to the customer?

Our shared loyalty program offers real value to your customers while expanding your brand recognition, offering cross-promotional opportunities, and increasing your sales.

We want businesses to grow their communities

We’ll be announcing some amazing partners very soon. Join them today!

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Why businesses love gems?

Gems = digital loyalty points

Accept gems for your products and spend them at other participating retailers or use them to run Yuser #challenges.

Build stronger communities

Instead of spending money on digital ads offer that value to your customers as free products and discounts.

Increase your foot traffic

Get customers in the door by offering products for gems. Increase “know your customer” capability and get a re-marketing opportunity.

Yuser #Challenges

Use your gems as prizes when you let your customers create your social media content for you!


We’re located and currently expanding in Canada but Yuser is a global app. We want to support you and your community no matter where you are. Reach out to us to find out how you can integrate your online store and more!