What are stones and gems? How do I get more?

Stones are your fuel to gift other users. When you gift them they magically turn into gems. Gone are the days of valueless likes. COMING SOON: spend gems on Yuser Marketplace items like a boss.

Get more stones when you complete challenges, level up, and invite friends to the magical land of Yuser. Just make sure to give them your Invite Key.

You will get more gems from other people when they enjoy your content. Think likes but a million times better. Likes don’t sparkle.

Coming Soon: get more stones and gems through Yuser Marketplace.

How do I level up?

You earn Experience Points (XP) for activity on Yuser. You earn additional XP for completing Daily Goals and Quests so that you can level up faster.

How do I get an Action Point (AP)?

Each time you level up you earn 1 AP. Spend your APs to unlock new Powers and their special abilities.

What are Powers?

Powers let you influence Yuser trend feed in one of three ways: when you post, gift, and comment on content. If you want to help yourself or your friends trend, make sure to equip the right Power to increase your chances of trending. This way users have a complete control over the trending feed. No more secretive algorithms!

How do I unlock Powers?

You can unlock new Powers with APs that you get each time you level up. You need to purchase at least three Powers in the same tier for the next tier to unlock. You need to purchase previous Power in any category to unlock the next.

Tier is composed of 6 Powers across 3 categories: Tastemaker, Commenter, and Creator.

Why do I need to equip Powers?

You can have as many Powers as you want but you can only use two at a time. Powers only act on the content when they are equipped at the time of performing the action.

What does this mean?

  • Creating = Creating multiplier increases the chance that content you post trends

  • Commenting = Commenting multiplier increases the chance that content you comment on trends

  • Gifting = Gifting multiplier increases the chance that content you gift trends

  • AP = Receive Action Point every time you level up, then spend it on new Powers

  • XP = XP are experience points, which you earn while using Yuser

What is my Invite Key?

Use your Invite Key when you ask your friends to join Yuser. When a new user successfully signs in with your Invite Key, you will both get a reward in the form of stones, gems, and XP so you can level up faster.

What are #Challenges?

Hashtag Challenges are special quests available through Yuser dashboard. They are time sensitive, aka available only for a limited time period with a fixed beginning and end dates. Hashtag challenges offer users access to special rewards. These rewards can be anything from limited edition powers to additional gems, to merchandise etc.

To be eligible to win a #Challenge you need to make sure that:

  • Post submitted doesn’t violate any Yuser community guidelines - for example posts that are unoriginal will be disqualified.

  • Post submitted must be relevant to the #challenge that you’re participating in - for example if we’re asking for pictures of cute dogs but you post a video of a penguin and tag it #cuteDoggo that might be funny but unfortunately not eligible to win a prize.

  • Post submitted is tagged with a proper hashtag if the tag is #cuteDoggo but you tag it #cuteDogo we might not be able to find your post to properly assess if it won.

Community Guidelines

Yuser is a gamified media sharing app. Yuser does not support any cheating, hacking, botting, or tampering of the network. This kind of behavior causes unfair advantages and only hurts the community as a whole. These policies extend to all activities on Yuser. Yuser is a network that promotes original content and positivity amongst its users. To avoid abuse of the network, Yuser only allows for one account per user at this time. Being a rewards-based network multiple accounts make for unfair advantages and abuse of the network, which ultimately hurts all other users.

Engagement and Follower Gaming

Through our gamification methods we give dynamic value to your content based on equipping the right Power and growing your community. If you contribute positively to the network, your content is more likely to perform well.

Yuser is a gifting platform, where Gems are assigned a real value. We do not support gifting behavior where the only goal is to boost another person’s account, or bot/empty accounts that are used only to gift a specific user. This kind of behavior constitutes cheating as it gives the offending user(s) an unfair advantage in completing challenges and receiving rewards.

Similarly, follower gaming constitutes cheating as it gives the offending user(s) an unfair advantage in completing challenges and receiving rewards and won’t be tolerated.


In efforts to build a positive community, Yuser carries a three strike policy for content/gaming offenders. Users that violate aspects of both the content and gaming policy will be warned by moderation staff, if warnings surpass the three strike policy the offending user will have their account locked and await further action from Yuser. In cases where a user’s violations have them achieve Powers, said Powers will be removed or downgraded based on the violation.

If you think what you’re doing is cheating, it probably is. If you’re unsure, contact the Yuser team via info@yuser.co

Content Rules

Yuser strives to be a safe place for people to share original content within a gamified social media experience. Yuser will not tolerate harassment, bullying, violence, spam, threats, pornography, cheating, or hacking of any kind. Respect each other on the app and in the Yuser community. To avoid abuse of the network, Yuser only allows for one account per user at this time.


We ask that you post content that you have the right to. Yuser is a platform to show your originality and create a profile that represents you.

Basic Respect

Content should not be in violation of Yuser’s content policy. This means that no content is permitted to express harassment, bullying, violence, spam, or threats.

Nudity and Sexual Content

We realize that there is a fine line between nudity and art and that where some people see something beautiful others can be offended. That being said: Don’t post anything that you don’t have full rights to. Don’t post any pornography. Don't post nudity if it cannot be reasonably defended as art and keep in mind that it still might get flagged by other users to be reviewed by the moderators.

We absolutely do not tolerate anything that could suggest or relates to sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, or sexual violence. We will not accept any content that promotes prostitution, solicitation, or sexualizes minors in any way.

The Law

It should go without saying that Yuser is not the place for terrorism, organized crime, hate groups or anything else of the sort.


No one likes spam so please avoid posting anything that is misleading or is posted to gain engagement or unlock Powers in a dishonest manner. Yuser limits each user to one account. We will not tolerate the use of multiple accounts to share the same content.


Do not post any violent or graphic content especially to sensationalize it.

Harmful Content

Yuser will not tolerate any content that encourages or glorifies harmful behaviour such as self mutilation or suicide.

Child Safety

There is zero tolerance for sexual content featuring minors or which exploits minors. Yuser does not tolerate harassment, bullying, or threats towards minors.


Yuser is about creating your own image which means no impersonation is allowed. Don’t pretend to be a celebrity or public figure and definitely don’t pretend to be staff from Yuser.

Hacking and Cheating

Yuser is a gamified media sharing app. Someone always tried to cheat or hack the system. We will not tolerate any kind of tampering that might give users an unfair advantage in earning Powers, completing challenges, or winning contests. For more info on what not to do, see Yuser’s Gaming Policy.


If you see something that you feel violates any of our policies, be a good neighbour and flag it. Our team works hard to remove harmful content and keep Yuser the friendly, creative, and supportive community it is.