why Yuser?

if you talk to us long enough this is what we’ll tell you


a space for creatives by creatives

The web connected us on a scale previously thought impossible. As it grew, our access to information became unparalleled. Similarly, we can access creative content with ease that, just decades ago, was unimaginable.

However, the same system that spread creative content all over the world, degraded it in value so much that artists and creatives can’t support themselves. Because almost everything can be accessed - nothing is paid for.

The answer is simple - we need to re-imagine systems of value so that they can support creatives in the online economy.

where technology meets art

We believe that technology can provide answers to the problems that it created. It’s within us to apply the new technological advancements to creative problem solving.

At Yuser, we’re working towards the future where blockchain and decentralized technologies are used to address the problems of the future of work. We want to reward creatives equitably by establishing new systems of value.

Money is the symbol of exchange - but your data and creativity are the core drivers of value.

transformational app that supports communities

Yuser is our baby. We appreciate your help and patience as we grow and figure out the best path towards the future that we all want to be a part of.