Yuser Launches Partner Market at Purple Fest

Ever since Yuser launched we’ve had people ask us one question more so than any other:

What can I use my gems for?

It’s been a long and crazy road from the conception of Yuser to where we’re now. Today we can finally answer this question with certainty as we launch our Market to the public. Drum-roll please.

Every app member can now spend their Gems on items provided by our partners!

In the newest update, the second icon from the left takes you to the Market. The chat icon is now in the top right-hand corner. The dashboard now swipes all the way to the top allowing more space for the Challenge and Power screens.

To view the items in the Market you need to enable location access so that we can accurately show you the retailers in your area who accept Gems at their stores. The first version of our Market launches with selected retail partners in the London, Ontario region.

However, if you are one of our global app users - don’t fret! We’re already working with e-commerce partners to offer products and discounts to people from various regions. If you have an online business and want to accept Gems in your store make sure to contact us here.

How does Yuser Market work?

For App Users

Every person on Yuser collects Gems from others as they post content, complete challenges, and create their community. These Gems can be used to buy goods and services provided by sellers who participate in Yuser Partner Program. The list of retailers is curated based on geo-location and on a set of personal preferences. Market purchases are two-fold: either the full price of an item can be covered with Gems or Gems can be applied as a discount towards the price.

For Retailers

Businesses always want to know: why would I accept Gems instead of cash?

Gems work like shared loyalty points for businesses and the Market listing on Yuser works like digital advertising estate in other social apps. Instead of spending money on Facebook or Instagram ads why not use this money to offer value directly to your customer? The Market listing is free and you can limit the amount of value you want to offer. It’s a prefect place to run product giveaways, flash sales, promotions, discounts, add coupons, test new product launches, or offer samples. Digital advertising shouldn’t be just display. We offer all that other stuff.

Want to run contests?

Want to find out what your customers think about colour green?

We gochu.

According to our research, small to medium size businesses see very little return on social media advertising. If you advertise on Yuser, every product that you give away comes with increased foot traffic AND a designated place where your customers can tell you how much they enjoyed your business.

Don’t offer your products to influencers, instead reward your most loyal customers and give them a reason to spread the word.

With the new Yuser Market at your fingertips you can offer real value, and engage with your customers like never before.

We launched our Market with Western University students during Purple Fest in collaboration with two amazing partners - XEvents and WokBox.

Our amazing upcoming Market Partners include: The Boombox Bakeshop, The Root Cellar, Booch Organic Kombucha. More will be released each week!