June Update Is All About That Jazz

June is a great month not only because all the best people in the world are born in June but also because we just put out an update!

Get yours! Even the savior of Gotham wears Yuser.

Get yours! Even the savior of Gotham wears Yuser.

You might not have immediately noticed that. But then all of a sudden you open Yuser and everything just feels… great. Snappy. Sharp. Fast. OPTIMIZED.

Yes, that’s us. You’re welcome fam! We’ve big on (Y)user experience and since we released the full version of the app, we’ve been trying to ensure that the performance is so good it floats every UX Designer straight into cloud nine. Luckily we have one such person on our team and he’s been laughing all morning when we tell him “the app is so fast right now!” and he’s like “no, it’s optimized!”

So pretty much everything that should, lazy loads (which actually means it’s faster - go figure the developer lingo) or loads asynchronously. We’ve also sorted out the video fail upload issue. Your photos and videos should upload or, if your connection is really bad, it will keep on trying until you get out of the cave and back into the world of waves. There is still a smallish chance that the upload might fail but if it does it means that you have some bad karma that day. Just kidding. We know it’s on us and we’re still working on getting our solution from like 97% proof to 99.9% proof.

Also, there are a couple secrets included in this release that are not immediately apparent. Don’t break your brain trying to figure out what they are but keep an eye on the challenge dashboard as there will be some magic coming your way pretty soon!