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Yuser Covers Western Fair Beer and BBQ Show

Western Fair’s London Beer and BBQ Show this past weekend was a great event full of delicious food, cold beer, and awesome vibes. Yuser team joined the event last minute but we had great fun providing some exceptional pinkness to the event and making fools of ourselves - which is something that we excel at.

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We like to make sure that wherever we go things go down with a bang. If you’re not giving people something to talk about, then what are you even doing? For us specifically, being a social media app making sure that people have fun and want to share it with friends is really important.

Just ask those who attended Malta Blockchain Summit in 2018. I’m just glad that most people were too entertained by what was going down to tweet it so the truth doesn’t have to stare me in the face every time I pick up my phone.

But nostalgia aside, Yuser crew had a great time interviewing local vendors, interacting with customers and rocking some larger than life balloon boobs (you just had to be there!).

We will be releasing some more of our interviews soon, so stay tuned if you want to have a better idea about what goes on in the Forest City craft beer circuits. There are quite a few micro brewers that are making a big fizzy splash these days with new ideas and interesting flavours.

Founder’s Original bottled cocktails were a hit during the show with many waiting in line to sneak a taste of their Old Fashioned, Burbon Sour, Rye & Thai, and Tequila Paloma. Watch the interview below!

The Yuser Update Has Arrived

After much anticipation, countless hours of development and design work, the biggest update yet has landed in both the iOS AppStore and Google Play Store!

You can now explore new features such as in-app video stitchinga new user interfacenew powers to unlock through our proprietary dashboard, and so much more. With so many new features, we thought it would be handy for us to showcase how some of this new stuff works. So, let’s breakdown what’s new on Yuser.

left to right: Yuser leaderboard, today feed, and challenge dashboard

left to right: Yuser leaderboard, today feed, and challenge dashboard

Today Feed Gets a Makeover

We’ve created an amazing full-screen content viewing experience. Pictures and videos take centre stage and our new feed utilizes the entirety of your screen. Mix of swipe and scroll motion allows for the coolest way to experience content yet!

Challenge Yourself!

We wouldn’t be a gamified media sharing app without an actual game to play. The new update introduces challenges divided into daily goals and quests. You’ll find these in your personal dashboard by swiping up from the bottom of your screen while in the app.

We’ve added several challenges to get you started, and we will be adding more over time for you to unlock. Don’t forget to read our FAQ that explains in detail all things powers and challenges related. You can find the FAQ in the app, accessible through almost any screen.

left to right: video stitching, power dashboard, gifting in feed, trend feed

left to right: video stitching, power dashboard, gifting in feed, trend feed

Our New In-APP Camera Has Video Editing Features

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from our beta testers and we just couldn’t say no! We’re excited to announce that Yuser now comes with a custom-built camera for Android and iOS that allows for “Vine-like” live video stitching. Get creative, share your story, and start earning gems with the videos you create.

You’ve Got the Power!

Earn a spot on the trending page in style and make your friends jealous with 30+ new powers to unlock and equip.

Let the Games Begin

Initiate and unlock more challenges, level up by earning XP, climb up the leaderboard, and keep track of your stats in an all-new gamification update.

Now, it’s time to download Yuser (if you haven’t done so already) and see how a media sharing app that lets you PLAY is so much more fun.

We’ve been working very hard to roll out an app that satisfies our users. There are many people we want to thank for helping us get to where we are today — our advisors, our developers, our beta users, and the academy! This app is for you. Now get out there and earn those gems!

While our developers are making sure every aspect of this update is bug-free and pixel perfect the reality is that if something can go wrong it most likely will. If you have an issue with any part of the new release make sure you send out those bug reports. You can reach us in many ways but we would appreciate if you stopped sending pigeons. They poop everywhere.↓

Yuser on iOS
Yuser on Android

Or, if you’re inclined to send us a poem, or just to say hi, you can hit us up by emailing