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Yuser Covers Western Fair Beer and BBQ Show

Western Fair’s London Beer and BBQ Show this past weekend was a great event full of delicious food, cold beer, and awesome vibes. Yuser team joined the event last minute but we had great fun providing some exceptional pinkness to the event and making fools of ourselves - which is something that we excel at.

yuser booth.jpg

We like to make sure that wherever we go things go down with a bang. If you’re not giving people something to talk about, then what are you even doing? For us specifically, being a social media app making sure that people have fun and want to share it with friends is really important.

Just ask those who attended Malta Blockchain Summit in 2018. I’m just glad that most people were too entertained by what was going down to tweet it so the truth doesn’t have to stare me in the face every time I pick up my phone.

But nostalgia aside, Yuser crew had a great time interviewing local vendors, interacting with customers and rocking some larger than life balloon boobs (you just had to be there!).

We will be releasing some more of our interviews soon, so stay tuned if you want to have a better idea about what goes on in the Forest City craft beer circuits. There are quite a few micro brewers that are making a big fizzy splash these days with new ideas and interesting flavours.

Founder’s Original bottled cocktails were a hit during the show with many waiting in line to sneak a taste of their Old Fashioned, Burbon Sour, Rye & Thai, and Tequila Paloma. Watch the interview below!

RH Accelerator Accepts Yuser as a Part of 2019 Cohort

So far May has been one constant array of news, updates, and announcements. But how about one more? Yuser just got accepted to be a part of Roundhouse Accelerator and for the next six months we’re going to be working alongside some very impressive industry mentors as we scale up our project.

The three co-founders of the RH Accelerator have a vast amount of industry experience having been in the tech sector since the 1990s.

RH Accelerator co-founders, from the left: Brian, David, and Joe

RH Accelerator co-founders, from the left: Brian, David, and Joe

David Billson is the co-founder of a marketing agency rTraction, a staple of the London Ontario marketing landscape since 2001. Brian Foster is the CEO of InnoSoft, the company behind Fusion — a powerful recreation management software that is used by leading recreation departments throughout the US and Canada. Joe Dales is a veteran of the agri-business having found — a leading provider of innovative information products and services for the global agriculture and food industries operating all across North America.

Together they co-founded the RH Accelerator to boost the growth of innovation in London Ontario by helping early stage startups to figure out their business and strategically position themselves for growth and success. Yuser is honoured to be a part of 2019 intake and we’re looking forward to accomplishing some amazing goals in the months to come.

Bonus: just look at this office space!

You can see your favourite yusers hard at work down below!

You can see your favourite yusers hard at work down below!


Yuser launched a huge new update. Get the full Yuser app release for Android and iOS!

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