Mad Man Just Starts Laughing


Sometimes you have no choice but to laugh. It was one of those days, although not at first.

Colton saw a dead pigeon on his way to work. He didn’t think much of it. After all, in the universe where black holes are a real thing and the theoretical possibility of time travel exists, dead pigeons are not so surprising.

When he entered the Roundhouse the office was quiet. He was the first one in at 7 am. The gurgling of the coffee maker in the corner was the only discernible sound as he checked Bitcoin performance and sold the last remaining shitcoins in his portfolio.

What a drag.

As he got up to grab more coffee, he caught a movement in the corner of his eye. Colton turned his head abruptly to the right. There was nothing there. Just one of the wood poles, as thick as a tree, and as solid as ever, except - as he watched - for a little ripple. The wood seemed to twirl and stretch.

Great, I couldn’t sleep again and now I’m getting a migraine.

The wood split and opened in front of him. Colton walked right up to it.

It must be an aura.

He scolded himself for taking what he saw seriously for even a second. He waved his hand right through the hole like a mad man.


A pigeon flew out past his face. He laughed hysterically.